A Closer Look at James Kim

James has been a loyal member of the Wixxy Sports Community for several years. His passion lies in playing Squash where he actively participates in both Singles and Doubles games.

He cherishes the community and camaraderie he’s built through engaging in squash at the club, highlighting the sport’s role not just in physical fitness but in fostering social connections and a sense of belonging.

His long-standing membership is a testament to the enduring appeal of the club and the sport he loves.

Who is James Kim?

James Kim is an entrepreneur in the Canadian manufacturing industry. Born in Seoul, Korea, James moved to Canada during his childhood, initially residing in Sudbury, Ontario where his family ran a restaurant.

This early experience nurtured a deep connection to his Canadian roots, spurring a lifetime of community involvement.

Arthur’s journey from immigrant to influential business leader and community benefactor is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to his heritage, and dedication to giving back to his adopted homeland.

James has enjoyed nearly four decades of marriage with his wife, Marie, and together they have three children. In his leisure time, he is passionate about golf and fishing, hobbies that allow him to relax and unwind.

His academic background includes a BA in Business Administration from Ryerson University, providing a strong foundation for his successful career in the manufacturing industry. James’ personal and professional life reflects a balance of dedication to family, a love for recreational activities, and a commitment to his business ventures.

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