WITB: Red Music Rising Presents

Red Music Rising, which was initiated in August 2020 in collaboration with APTN, stands as a comprehensive music company, encompassing a full-service artist management and record label.

Uniquely owned and operated entirely by Indigenous individuals, its mission is deeply rooted in nurturing and developing enduring, robust careers for Indigenous artists and industry professionals, aiming for long-term sustainability and success.

Here are the artists you can expect to see during the event:

Classic Roots

Classic Roots, the stage name of Joshua DePerry, resonates as the heartbeat of the boreal north. Based in Toronto with roots in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Long Lake 58 First Nation, he infuses the electronic pulse of Pow Wow techno with vibrant basslines, crafting a unique sound that celebrates cultural freedom and Indigenous resilience.

As a notable figure in the techno and house music scene, Classic Roots not only captivates with his distinct sound but also encourages listeners to embrace their heritage while pursuing their dreams, making a profound impact with every beat.


LOR, an emerging Toronto-based singer-songwriter, is poised to make her debut after honing her craft on the bar circuit.

She has cultivated a unique dark pop sound by collaborating with local producer SLWJMZ and Vocal Director Nevon Sinclair. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Avril Lavigne and Lana Del Rey, LOR combines her airy, soothing vocal style with raw, compelling lyrics derived from real-life experiences, promising a fresh and distinct addition to the music landscape.

Sebastian Gaskin

For Sebastian Gaskin, an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer from Tataskweyak Cree Nation based in Toronto, the emotional aftermath transforms into a creative epiphany through acceptance and artistic sculpting.

Embracing love and vulnerability as acts of resistance, Gaskin crafts songs that acknowledge our collective brokenness, offering sonic healing and solidarity.

Gaskin’s music blends intuition and ingenuity, channeling influences from Bill Withers to John Mayer, and the clever lyricism of Post Malone and Pro Era. As a dynamic producer, Gaskin’s collaborations with talents like Evan Miles and Milano showcase his ability to transcend and redefine genres.

Wolf Saga

Johnny Saga, performing as Wolf Saga, released his debut self-titled LP eight years into his musical journey, marked by accolades such as being a 2018 JUNO Masterclass Finalist and 2017 RBC Canada Emerging Artist.

His music offers a mature, reflective take on electropop, deeply rooted in his Ojibwe culture’s reverence for the wolf spirit.

The album blends lively beats with themes of awareness and reflection, inspired by movements like Black Lives Matter and personal tributes, including a nod to his late father. With “Eight Years,” Saga aims to engage listeners in a danceable yet thoughtful exploration of current issues, honoring memories, and envisioning a resilient future.

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